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Budapest is one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. It is bisected by the Danube and there are a number of hotels with panoramic view on the river banks. The restaurants in the city have the best international and Hungarian chefs and represent extraordinary gastronomy. The mixture of modern and historical sights offers endless possibilities.

Looking beyond the capital, we find towns rich in the historical monuments of their long past, castle hotels covering all possible needs, the biggest lake of Central Europe – Lake Balaton, spa hotels built on thermal springs and world famous wine regions. To these we can add the treasures of the Great Plain, horses, vineyards,

music, a lot of summer sunshine, unforgettable gustatory sensations or Hungarian brandy (’pálinka’). Last but not least we can offer our genuine Hungarian hospitality, high-quality service providers, committed professionals and ourselves, who bring all of them together to form a team in service of your Great Day.

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In DreamWedding we have 8 years’ experience in organizing weddings and a true passion for what we do. We know the Hungarian market; we are aware of the options and are prepared for the peculiarities of organising from a distance. We speak English well, and look at each international wedding and the special demands they involve as a challenge. We believe that each wedding can be unique and individual as it tells the personal story of the couple and eventually offers a glimpse into their cultural differences.

Our aim is to achieve all this without you having to worry about technical details or practical tasks. We don’t want you to feel that your physical absence is a hindrance – because it isn’t. We have come across a number of such weddings over the last few years and nowadays over half of the weddings we manage are organized from a distance. Either one or the other half of the couple is Hungarian and they prefer a Hungarian venue, or they are expats who want to start their journey together in their homeland.


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